The Menagerie

The Menagerie, a new book of poetry by A. W. Nutter.  Containing 74 hand selected poems by the author.  The Menagerie, I settled on this titile because I realized I had a curious collection of poems on a variety of subjects. This unique book of poetry is set into three chapters. The first chapter is titled "On The Dark Side", containing writes of many different subjects, time periods and events. The second chapter "Jeckle & Hyde Childhood" centers around child abuse, thoughts of the abused, and a few whimsical poems thrown in to lighten the mood. Chapter three "Of God and Demons", inside you will find poems of armegeddon, spiritual dreams, the Grim Reaper only to mention a few. These poems were written to entertain and hopefully touch the readers emotions. Each and every poem is pure fiction, written from this authors vivid imagination. I truly hope you enjoy each and every read.